Capturing a moment in time is more than just pushing the shutter button. I want to convey emotion, love and do it for those reasons and not because I have to do it.

I am a beginner. A newbie in this photography business, but I love taking pictures. I want to become great because it is something I am passionate about. So to do that I need practice, lots of it. I am building my portfolio and not charging to make a profit right now, just enough to cover costs and such.

Get ready to see more pictures of my kiddos. But don't get me wrong, I want to take pictures of your kiddos and families too.

(Formerly Smitten Photography)


MCP Actions

MCP Actions are amazing...Seriously, amazing. Love them. I just recently found out about them as I have been trying to devote some more of the little available time I have right now to photography. 

I love looking at pictures and seeing how you can change an ordinary photograph into something awesome. 

Go to the MCP Blog to see my favorite post (or one of my favorites) and enter to win as well!

I have used the Mini Fusion a few times too...


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